2013 Global Social Responsibility Conference 

October 21-24th Atwood Center, St. Cloud State University 

 Sponsors:  Social Responsibility Masters Program (Hurl) and the St. Cloud Technical and Community College Co-Sponsors: School of Education, SCSU Alumni, SCSU Women’s Center, Multicultural Student Services, UPB, Theatre & Film Studies, Reta J. Wood Trust/Truman D. Wood Trust,Mass Communications, Multicultural Resources Center, Environmental and Technological Studies Human Relations, Global Studies


Monday, October 21st, 2013

11-12:15PM    Heterosexism:  An issue of privilege?   Speaker Names here, SCSU Outloud
Heterosexism tends to be the social ‘norm’. Heterosexuals have privileges not available to the LGBT community.  What if you vary from the ‘norm’? The film, Heterophobia, will be screened followed by a panel discussion about the prejudice that happens every day to a large community locally and globally. Alumni Room

12-1:30PM The Naked Option (Film) 600 Courageous Women 700 Hostages 5 Million Barrels of Oil 1 Uprising
Grassroots women in Nigeria’s Niger Delta threaten to strip naked in public, a serious cultural taboo, in their deadly struggle to hold oil companies accountable for environmental destruction. Atwood Theater

12:30-1:45  It’s a Girl (Film 64 minutes)
The United Nations estimates 200 million girlsare missing in the world today because of “gendercide”. Girls who survive infancy are often subject to neglect, and many face extreme violence and even death at the hands of their own husbands or family members. Alumni Room

2 – 3:15 PM   Climate Solutions: Minnesota Leadership and The Next Steps on Clean Energy  
J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director for Fresh Energy                               
Minnesota is on a clean energy path that is growing thousands of jobs AND cutting carbon pollution. But our work is not done.  Learn about the strategies to help Minnesota achieve its climate action goal to cut carbon pollution at least 80 percent. Atwood Theater

 3-3:50 PM   Migrant Workers from Nepal: A Modern Day Slavery   
 Preeti Yonjon and Khusbu Rai, Social Responsibility Student Organization          
Addresses the situation of Nepali migrant workers in gulf countries and the violation of human rights, including passport confiscation, working in extreme climate conditions, often with no pay. Alumni Room

3:15–4:45PM   The Atomic States of America (Film)  Atwood Theater
A investigative journey to US nuclear reactor communities exposing the truths and myths of nuclear power.

4-5 PM  Global Ageism
Emma Peterson and Michelle Trelfa, GERO Club
People all over the world are living longer and remaining active and healthy well into their later years.  Find out how this phenomenon will affect you in your career and in your personal life. Alumni Room                                                                                                                                                          

5-6:45PM  Girl Rising (Film)   Sponsored by the SCSU Women’s Center                   
 The stories of 9 girls from 9 countries, written by 9 celebrated writers, narrated by 9 renowned actresses,     showcasing the strength of the human spirit and power of education to change the world. Atwood Theater


Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

9:30-10:45AM    AFRICOM: The Militarization and Re-colonization of Africa
Naomi Maina, Social Responsibility Student Organization Alumni Room

11-12:15AM    The Growth of Sexual Trauma in the US Military    
Chante Wolf, Veterans for Peace
Alarming growth of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) against mostly female military troops; is it a sign of the war against the feminine?  Atwood Theater

11-12:15AM   Expose Animal Abuse? and YOU’RE the Criminal!  Christine Coughlin, Voters for Animals
Undercover investigations have exposed inhumane conditions on puppy mills and factory farms. The response from agribusiness has been to try to make criminals out of those who expose the conditions in which animals live. Anti-whistleblower legislation (also known as ‘ag-gag’) has been introduced in many states, including Minnesota. Alumni Room

12:30-1:45PM   Middle East Tensions and U.S. Connections  Alumni Room
Florence Steichen and Margaret Sarfehjooy, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)
The impact of ongoing Israeli/Palestinian relations as a core of widespread Middle Eastern tension and first-person overview by WAMM members, who have studied, travelled and lived in the Middle East.

12:30-1:45PM   Do Grey Wolves Have a Future in Minnesota?
Maureen Hackett, MD, Founder/President, Howling with Wolves      
Gray wolves of Minnesota, were the last wolf population in the lower 48 when the wolf was the first mammal put on the endangered species list.   Since then, despite the vital role of wolves in our wildlife habitat as a keystone species and its esthetic value for many people, the wolf’s existence is precarious.  Atwood Theater

2:00-3:15PM   Power to the People: Exposing and Challenging racism, sexism, and xenophobia
Sharon Sobotta, Women’s Ctr Dir, St. Mary’s College, Reporter, Pacifica KPFA, Free Speech Radio
From police brutality to Stand Your Ground laws, to wars in the Middle East taking the lives of civilians, racist/sexist/xenophobia policies take a toll on the lives of people(s) of color. How to access and use media to become a more informed active public.  Atwood Theater

2:00-3:15PM  Questions of Consent: Women and Animals Under Patriarchal Systems of Domination 
Kim Socha and Dallas Rising, Animal Rights Coalition
Connecting oppression of women, animals and other oppressed groups in patriarchal culture, the presenters will discuss those intersections on a personal, and not just in a theoretical level. Alumni Room

 3:30-4:45PM  Stopping Environmental Destruction by the Fossil Fuel Industry in the US and Canada  
Reyna Crow, Idle No More
Indigenous peoples, leading environmental struggles across North America, are challenging destructive petrochemical exploitation and violations of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change – I am changing the things I cannot accept” Atwood Theatre

 3:30-4:45 PM  Shock Waves: Learning to Live with Psychic Trauma and the Moral Wounds of War 
Michael and Cynthia Orange, Vietnam Veterans Against the War
The tragic self-directed violence, moral injuries of war and also the “trickle down” trauma loved ones face as a result of veterans who suffer from PTSD.  Alumni Room

 5-6PM  The Business and Economics of Sex Trafficking:  Supply and Demand     
Becca Kotz and Sara Menning, Students Against Trafficking and Sexploitation
Confront the factors driving the sex industries and offer actions to diminish the influences that allow modern-day slavery to thrive. North Voyageurs Room

 6-8PM  Minnecanos   Mixed Blood Theater, Sponsored by Multicultural Student Services
 An irascible old man uses the memorabilia of his lifetime to introduce his great-grandson to their shared heritage     in this delightful look at a century’s worth of Chicano cultural history.  Brimming with energetic corridas (story-  songs), some surprisingly touching reconciliations among the man’s family, and more than a little humor, this is
a buoyant celebration of Chicano accomplishments and aspirations in Minnesota and beyond.  Atwood Theater

 Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

9-9:50AM  Global Mining & Local Values, Economic Environmental and Cultural Conflict in Minnesota
Bob Tammen, Former Plant Electrician and member of Sierra Club    
The environmental consequences of mining nickel, gold, and other minerals in NE Minnesota and the social struggle (tribal rights, gender struggle and exploitation) related to mining issues. Atwood Theater

10-10:50AM  Global Mining and Local Values, Economic Environmental and Cultural Conflict in Minnesota
Bob Tammen, Former Plant Electrician and member of Sierra Club Atwood Theater

10-10:50AM  Art as An Education Tool for Social Change                          
Sarah Drake, herARTS in Action
Art is a powerful tool to alert people to social issues, expanding knowledge and comfort zones. Learn how art has taken an advocate for human rights and social change across the globe and is enhancing lives in Burkina Faso as an education and fundraising tool for access to clean water and sanitation. Alumni Room

11-12:15AM Double Discrimination;Triple Discrimination: A Discussion of Race, Gender, and Sexuality.
Speaker Names here, Queer People of Color (QPOC)
Queer People Of Color will raise awareness of the double and triple discrimination against the LGBT community concerning the issues of homosexuality, gender, and race.  What is it like to be discriminated against as being gay, a woman or man, and a person of color? Alumni Room

12-1 PM   The Hijab Unveiled    Sponsored by the SCSU Women’s Center  Atwood Theater
Icha Arief, Mary Iqbal, and Tehreem Sabir, Women on Wednesday
What the hijab means to each woman and her experiences related to their decision to cover, or not.

12:30-1:45PM  Drugs, Guns, and US Policies in Mexico: Lessons from the Mexican Human Rights Organization Comite Cerezo    
Francisco Cerezo, Comite Cerezo, Witness for Peace Glacier Room                                                                       

2-3:15PM   Climate Change in Our Own Backyard and Its Consequences
Mark Seeley, University of Minnesota Meteorologist        co-sponsored by UPB         Atwood Theatre

3-3:50 PM   Factory Farming: Know the Truth 
Candace Garthee, Advocates for Animals and the Environment (AAE)
Explore the dire consequences of factory farming and educate people on what these industries do not want us to know. It is time to know the truth!  Alumni Room

4 – 5:45PM   Do the Math: Bill McKibbon and the Fight Over Climate Change    (2013 Film)
Fossil fuel industries are pushing us over the tipping point. Bill McKibben, the nation’s leading environmentalist talks about taking on the fossil fuel industries to prevent “a complete and utter calamity.” Atwood Theater

5-6 PM   Challenging Ableism: Disability Justice for Not-Yet-Disabled Allies                                                                 
Darrell Paulsen, Nikki Villavicencio-Tollison and Galen Smith, Adapt Minnesota Alumni Room
Join three Minnesota disability rights leaders to: Explore different models for understanding the experience of disability; Learn what ableism is, how it affects us all, and what you can do about it; Be challenged to include disability justice as part of all of your social justice work.

6-7:30 PM Greedy Lying Bastards (2013 film)
Investigates the corporations who fund politicians, scientists, think tanks, and others to create a campaign of deceit regarding the science of climate change and its dire impact on the planet. From ExxonMobil to the Koch brothers to the Citizens United decision of the US Supreme court that put profits before people and the future of the earth.                                Atwood Theater

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

9:30-10:45AM  Drones 101
Pepperwolf and Lucia Smith, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)
The legal, political and ethical ramifications of the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones by U.S. on human lives and the long-range effects of drone activity on international relations. Alumni Room

 11-12:15PM  The Amphibian Extinction Crisis: Current threats facing amphibian populations, and what you can do about it!                          
 Michael G. Starkey, SAVE THE FROGS! (Santa Cruz, CA)
Up to 200 species of amphibians have completely disappeared since 1979. Why is this happening? What is causing this amphibian extinction crisis? How can you help? Atwood Theater

11-12:15PM   Reintegration of displaced former Child Soldiers in Africa: From a victim’s perspective and experience.            
Emmanuel Oppong and Alfreda Daniels, Talent Emergence International.
Several Human Right Laws are broken by recruiting child soldiers. Children that are orphaned or abandoned due to AIDS, violence or neglect are the most vulnerable in being recruited. Alumni Room

12:30-1:45PM  Wolf Endangerment:  A Native Perspective.
Reyna Crow, Northwoods Wolf Alliance
Wolves, endangered species for many years, were taken off the list by the Minnesota DNR and a wolf ‘hunt’ has been a new state policy.  Why?  Is it profits for corporations?  Reyna Crow will discuss why the wolf hunt is disrespectful to the lives of a culture and a natural living being on this planet.  Natives say: “Idle No More”! Atwood Theater

 12:30-1:45PM    What is Karen?  A Thai and Burmese Community Under Assault    
 Wilfred Tunbaw, Asian Students In Action (A.S.I.A.) Alumni Room

2-3:15PM   Human Rights at Home         
Emily Farrell, Madeline Lohman, The Advocates for Human Rights
How the U.S. is falling short in fulfilling it’s human rights obligations and how advocates can use the human rights standards and methods to combat entrenched poverty, discrimination and injustice in their own communities. Atwood Theater

2-3:15PM   Street Children of Tanzania
Antonia Mkunya, Hope for the Children Organization 
Hope for the Children Organization in Tanzania offers a community support system to children who end up in
the streets vulnerable to sexual abuse, prostitution, human trafficking, and other kinds of oppression. Alumni Room

3:30-4:45PM   The War on Whistleblowers (Film) Alumni Room
This film highlights four whistleblowers who noticed government wrong-doing and took to the media to expose fraud and abuse.  It reveals the increasing threats for whistleblowers and the press.                               

3:30-4:45PM   Urban Speaks: Reclaiming Voice in the Community           
Keno Evol (Spoken Word Artist)
Artist, Performer, Poet, Educator, Spoken word artist, Dancer, and Director Antoine “Keno Evol” Duke has competed nationally as a spoken word artist to do Social Justice Education through theater and art for creativity and social change to become better human beings. Atwood Theater  

5:00-6:30PM   The Invisible War (Recipient: 2013 Ridenhour Film Award
Reveals the epidemic of rape in the military while speaking with courageous victims who have refused to be intimidated into silence. Atwood Theater

5:15-6:30PM “Khulla”- meaning “open” in Bengali: Stigma surrounding mental health in India  Alumni Room
Mackenzie A. Lecy, Sean Raible  and  Rachel Mullin, Extending the Link, CSB/SJU (Original Film)
Non-profit CSB/SJU student organization films patients, community members, and volunteers in India to generate awareness and inspire action to help mentally ill patients integrate into society.