Founded in 2009, The Global Social Responsibility Conference, held once a year at St. Cloud State University, is a student-led and organized activism event designed to educate people regarding urgent issues of global social justice, peace, environment, and animals that may not receive the educational attention or media coverage they deserve.   Other key goals of the conference are to:

  • provide a forum for student organizations to gain presentation skills, network with other grassroots citizen action groups, and gain visibility on campus and in the community.
  • encourage citizen actions on local and global problems that may reach beyond state and national borders.
  • highlight the intersections of global social justice, peace, and the environment: how the lives of people, animals, plants, and the sustainability of the earth are being drastically affected by human activities.

Each year the Global Social Responsibility Conference aims to offer speakers, workshops, presentations, and films that address pressing global concerns related to war versus non-violence/peace, human rights, advocacy/activism, animal rights, environmental issues, and social justice issues related to race, class, gender, disability, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and appearance.