Call for Presentations

If you would like to present at the 2013 Global Social Responsibility Conference, please send an e-mail including:

1. An 80 to 100 word third person paragraph biography of yourself.

2. A 100 to 120 word description of your presentation.

3. A title for your presentation.

4. Please note if you have any technological or accessibility needs for your presentation.

5. Tell us if your presentation is a: lecture, workshop, panel, roundtable, spoken-word, art presentation, film showing, etc.

Although the “early bird” submission deadline was July 1, we will still give consideration to new submissions.

All presentations should promote social justice activism. We are interested in all forms of social justice activism such as, but not limited to, animal rights, feminism, racial justice, economic justice, prison abolition, disability rights, LGBTQQIA rights/liberation, Native sovereignty, union organizing, education justice, anti-war, and youth justice.

Please send the above information to: