Dr. Julie Andrzejewski – Is a professor, activist scholar, and Co-Director of the Social Responsibility Masters Program at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. She is the initiator and first editor of Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Education (Routledge, 2009). Her co-authored chapter on Interspecies Education for Humans, Animals, and the Earth (with Helena Pedersen and Freeman Wicklund) in this volume situates animal oppression and speciesism as foundational to a fully comprehensive understanding of global social responsibility and education.  Other books include: Oppression and Social Justice: Critical Frameworks; and Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home? (with co-author Karen Thompson) which received the national Lambda Literary Award.  Andrzejewski has also founded a women’s center, organized nationally on LGBT, feminist, and disability issues, supported legal actions against discriminatory institutions, served as union president, initiated program development and curriculum transformation for global social responsibility, and directed grants on peace, environment, women, and social justice. She taught the first course on animal rights at St. Cloud State University.  Based on her work teaching these courses, she wrote: Teaching animal rights at the university: Philosophy and practice in the Journal of animal liberation philosophy and policy.

Preeti Yonjon- is an international student from Nepal pursuing her Master’s degree in Gerontology and Social Responsibility having already completed Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Sociology. She is a Graduate Assistant in Teacher Preparation Initiative and an active member of Sierra Club and student organizations, Advocate of Animals and Environment and  Social  Responsibility Student Organization.  As an intern at Adhikaar for Human Rights and Social Justice in 2012, Preeti worked with activists in a grass root movement. She assisted with  Susan Harwood Nail Salon Workers’ Research 2012 and Adhikaar Nail Salon Survey 2012, facilitated adult English classes, and helped with translation and interpretation in pro bono cases involving Nepali immigrants. Preeti believes that social movements can bring awareness to issues of inequality and injustice. Her goal is to involve in grassroots organizations in solidarity. She is a recipient of   Newman Civic Fellow 2014.

Kripa Shrestha- Is an international student from Nepal and has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Gerontology and Social Responsibility. She is also one of the graduate assistants for the Social Responsibility Master’s Program and president of the Social Responsibility Student Organization. She is motivated to work for global social justice, peace, environment, and animals. Her passion is to work with people, advocate, educate and create a better environment for all. As an intern in World Vision International, she assisted with developmental projects in the community for sustainable drinking water and AIDS awareness program. She is also passionate about working in the field to eliminate human trafficking and elder abuse.

Leoma Van Dort – is a Social Responsibility Graduate Student and Graduate Assistant at St Cloud State University. Having completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, she moved to the United States to pursue her passion for research and advocacy. Her research interests are in language, culture, religion, and ideology; political economy and political sociology; race and ethnic relations; sex and gender; social justice and peace. Her goal is to work with people to bring awareness to issues of inequality and injustice, through education.

Ben Bourgoin-  is a third-year German and Philosophy student at Saint Cloud State University and is active with the Social Responsibility Student Organization. He has supported some grassroot movements involving climate change–the Sierra Club and His dream is that the people of the USA and around the world awaken from their daily routines and commit to improving the health of themselves and their communities politically, mentally, socially, and otherwise.