arissa-tabling-1Are you a community organization, student club, or university program or department that would like to table at this conference?  If so please send an e-mail including:

1. Name of your organization/program/department/club

2. The mission of your organization/program/department/club

3. How your organization/program/department/club relates to social justice

4. What will be on your table such as food, videos, selling books/t-shirts, petitions, and pictures.


NOTE: Tables/Booths are free, but only for social justice based organization/program/department/club.

We encourage all social justice organizations/programs/departments/clubs to have a table/booth. Social justice organizations/programs/departments/clubs that had a table/booth in past Global Social Responsibility Conferences covered causes related to, but not limited to, animal rights, feminism, racial justice, economic justice, prison abolition, disability rights, LGBTQQIA rights/liberation, Native sovereignty, union organizing, education justice, anti-war, and youth justice.