Jim Rothstein

jrothsteinRetired Detective Jim Rothstein as a member of the New York City Police Department and his retirement from the New York City Police Depart in 1980 to the present, has continued his work as a researcher and consultant on human trafficking Det. Rothstein worked with various out of state agencies, officers, departments, professional groups, and numerous federal agencies to develop the expertise so vital to be effective. Det. Rothstein’s assignment to the New York State Select Committee Crime was also the end of his career. These hearings were ordered by Governor Carey of the State of New York and a Bi-partisan Legislative Committee. The mandate was to find what the effects these crimes were having on society. The most important lessons learned was that there must be absolute integrity, honesty, trust, and don’t use the merchandise. Honesty without integrity does little to help the Investigator establish credibility.

A note from Detective “Jimmy Boots” – My presentations are the established facts on trafficking and it’s sordid details. My perspective comes from the eyes of the victims and law enforcement. My goal is for someone to pick up the sword and take over. I am not politically correct or feel good-do good.


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